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Food for Thought: Giving Back

I remember what it was like to go hungry. I remember what it was like to memorize my mom's food stamps info and check for the balance on the first of each month. And I still remember what it was like to wait in line at a food pantry feeling ashamed of the quality of food and apathetic treatment we'd receive. These memories have not hardened me. Instead, they continuously drive my love and passion for helping others and doing it in an empathetic, informed way.

I'm glad to know that incredible community-based orgs like Bronx Mutual Network exist. I was chatting with Thahitun, BMAN's wonderful organizer/my new friend, and gushing over their dignified, humane, and culturally responsive approach to feeding food insecure New Yorkers (e.g., taking religious dietary restrictions, cultural preferences, and the undocumented status of families into consideration). Oh, and they've only been operating for over a month!

I'm thankful to be in community with them. And I'm thankful to have a partner (with a car) who, even after a long day of being an essential worker, enthusiastically supports me and his community.

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