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Protect Black Women

I'm tired of seeing “Protect Black Women” posts by people (mostly men) who have done things to harm Black women, myself included. The ones who repost humiliating videos of Black women, usually poor and working class; who don’t believe or respect the existence of Black Trans women; who do nothing to stop street harassment, sexual harassment, or slut shaming; who remain silent while Black women are killed by both state violence and domestic violence; who silence Black women and take credit for their labor; who think the only women worth protecting are ones they are sexually or romantically interested in; who only protect women with cis-gendered heteronormative patriarchal values; who sexualize their daughters and debate her future desirability; who have no platonic Black women friends (who are feminists); who perpetuate outdated and unfounded beliefs around Black women’s bodies, emotions, and intelligence.

But yeah, protect Black women. #toyinsalau

Photo by @broobs.psd

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