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Scarcity Mindset

Once I believed the answer to a scarcity mindset ("there's not enough to go around", "I'm not enough") was an abundance mindset ("there's enough for all of us"). Sadly, this binary left no room to sit with the real-life suffering and despair brought on by everyday systemic oppression. This year, in order to succeed emotionally and professionally, I had to challenge my scarcity mindset--a product of trauma and neglect--and I discovered that practicing vulnerability and gratitude was much more practical (thank you Adrienne Marie Brown and Brené Brown!). I'm practicing recognition and taking credit. I'm showing appreciation and being held accountable. I'm offering apologies and admitting mistakes. I'm asking for what I need and giving what I can. I'm expressing desire and imagining the impossible. I'm disappointing myself and others and being okay with that! I'm exercising my power and reducing harm. I'm being kind to myself even when I don't feel worthy of it. I'm still learning and trusting my process. I'm still here.

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